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Avalon Employment Inc.
P.O. Box 2574
St. John's, NF Canada
A1C 6K1
Telephone:(709) 579-4866
Fax: (709) 579-4892
Email: aei@avalonemploy.com

On Call Services

What is it?

The On-Call Service is provided to ensure that at all times an Avalon Employment Inc. professional is available to any employed individual receiving services and support from our agency, their Job Coach, Employer or Caregiver.

Who will I speak to?

There are four frontline staff at AEI, all of whom take two weeks of an eight week on-call rotation.

How do I reach someone?

Call the AEI office at 579-4866. If we are open, you will reach a staff person immediately. If it is after working hours a message will be on the office line leaving a cell number for you to call. ‘If this is an afterhours emergency please call ….’ Call the number provided and a staff person will be happy to assist you.

What qualifies as ‘an afterhours emergency’?

Any reason that may negatively impact an individual’s work or require accommodation (i.e. cancel shift) and is urgent in nature such as, illness of coach, illness of client, transportation issues, injury, workplace closure, etc.

Any issue that AEI staff can assist you with during regular working hours and is not urgent in nature does not require on-call intervention (payroll issues, holiday requests, etc.).

What happens after the call is made for assistance?

The on-call person will make the necessary calls to pertinent contacts and/ or offer a solution to you.

Our office is open to serve you Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm (4:00pm from Victoria Day to Labor Day). We would be happy to assist you during our regular hours. However, on the rare occasion that we are closed, our message manager will indicate this as well.

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