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Avalon Employment Inc. is a local not for profit Supported Employment service that employs a team of professionals to assist businesses and individuals in making long term employment connections. We provide job search support to adults with barriers to employment and ensure they have an equal opportunity to find meaningful and rewarding careers. Our efforts are very client-focused; much consideration is given to the individual's abilities and strengths as well as their own personal interests.

Our Logo

Our logo is simple, but on closer inspection, it tells a story of what we do at Avalon Employment Inc. It depicts a lighthouse standing tall on a rugged shore line, emitting rays of guidance. This parallels our client-focused mission to provide direction to those who need it; we help our clients identify their skills which provides them with a sense of empowerment and a path to embark on.

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Employment services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Building a more diverse labour force since 1992.